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The only vision that ANSYS had from the very beginning was to make 3D designs available to everyone. This vision was fulfilled by providing simple, fast, yet flexible design tools which can be used by anyone.

ANSYS make it easy for you to implement rapid concept modeling for creating detailed parts, assemblies, and drawings with the following 3D design tools:

  • Discovery Space Claim
  • Discovery Live
  • Discovery AIM
ANSYS 3D Design Software’s Technical Capabilities

The table below lists the capabilities of ANSYS 3D Design Software: Discovery Space Claim, Discovery Live, Discovery AIM. Read the table and know how these capabilities simplify 3D modeling.




Discovery Space Claim


Rapid Geometry Creation

  • Create new concept models quickly and easily
  • Easy Model sharing
  • Work with any imported geometry

STL File Manipulation

  • Intuitive interface for 3D printing and reverse engineering 
  • Automated capabilities to inquire of problem areas in STL files
  • Automated repair tools
  • Perform complex Boolean operations with ease
  • STL clean-up tools enhance the reverse engineering workflows

Model Repair

  • Provide instant options for healing and repair

Simple Tools

  • Move tool moves or rotates geometry to the location of your choosing
  • Fill tool defeatures models in seconds
  • Finesse the combine tool performs either Boolean subtract or merge bodies, regardless of complexity of quantity of bodies involved

CAD Import and Editing

  • Defeature both parts and assemblies 
  • Remove stubborn, intricate rounds
  • Automatically detect and remove small holes, faces, edges and other irrelevant geometry
  • Edit your file without regard for rebuild errors 

Discovery Live

Structural Analysis

  • Instant simulation
  • Interactive Experience
  • Optimize weight

Internal Fluid Analysis

  • Observe pressure drop and velocity
  • Gather qualitative information

External fluid flow

  • Visualize the path a fluid takes around structures
  • Explore recirculation zones and experiment with changing flow direction
  • Gain early insights into the trends of pressure drop, drag and lift

Thermal Analysis

  • Provides real-time data on temperature distribution 

External Aerodynamics

  • Observe velocity, external forces, pressure, flow lines, particle flow

Modal Analysis

  • Observe the different modes of vibration 
  • Rapid, direct geometry editing 
  • Simulation-guided design

Discovery AIM



Guided Simulation Workflows

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Discovery AIM’s templates
  • Automated simulation
  • Visual cues and guides 

Physics Aware Meshing

  • AIM intelligently creates an appropriate mesh
  • Create an optimized, uniform mesh for topology optimization

Proven Simulation Technology

  • Fluid flow
  • Static stress
  • Topology Optimization
  • Modal analysis
  • Electromagnetics
  • Thermal
  • Polymer extrusion

Robust Design Optimization

  • DesignXplorer technology
  • Evaluate multiple design variations 
  • Goal-Driven optimization and Six Sigma analysis

Flexible Custom Applications

  • Ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Journaling and scripting based on Python
  • Replayable user-defined template
  • Custom physics objects and loads
  • Automation and customization

Interoperability for Engineering Collaboration

  • ANSYS CFD and ANSYS Mechanical

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