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Make System Integration and Embedding easy with ANSYS Systems and Embedded Software


To ensure quality in embedded systems, and to meet high industry standards for software certification, you need to leverage efficient embedded software development tools and certified code generators.

To fast-track your embedded software development projects, ANSYS provides you a model-based embedded software development and simulation environment with a built-in automatic code generator called SCADE.

ANSYS Systems and Embedded Software’s Technical Capabilities

The table below lists the capabilities of SACDE: ANSYS Systems and Embedded Software. Read the table and know how these capabilities bring efficiency to the embedded system.





Model-Based System Engineering-Multi-Level Method

  • Functional Architecture Design
  • Software Architecture Design
  • Platform Architecture Design
  • Model-Based ICD Management

Verification and Generation

  • Resource Usage Checks
  • Generation of VxWorks ARINC 653 Tables

Customization Capabilities

  • Extending configurations
  • Creating new configurations
  • Developing your own rules for automated verification
  • Customizing IDE menus
  • Customization of messages and ICDs tables, and export/import with MS Excel and CSV files

SCADE Tools Integration

  • System Life Cycle Management
    • Requirements management and traceability
    • Synchronization with SCADE Suite
    • Resources usage checks

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