Building Design

Integrated Designs: Plan, analyse, construct, and manage buildings of all types and scales.

Successfully integrate multiple disciplines to design and analyse buildings irrespective of size and complexity.


Bring together architects, electrical, mechanical and structural engineers on a single platform to design, analyse, create and manage buildings of any size and scale using OpenBuildings Software; thereby increasing productivity and being cost and time efficient.

You can design and deliver complex yet energy efficient buildings using the following products:

  • Bentley AECOSim Building Designer
  • Bentley AECOSim Energy Simulator

How To Buy?

OpenBuildings Software - Technical Efficiency:

The below table summarizes the technical efficiency of Bentley’s OpenBuilding Software products: AECOSim Building Desginer and AECOSim Energy Simulator

Products Capabilities Features
Bentley AECOSim Building Designer Analysis
  • Simulate real-world performances to create best designs.
  • Analyse energy efficiency using energy consumptions, carbon emissions reports.
Communication and Collaboration
  • Collaborate with geographically diversified teams in one platform.
  • Incorporate architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural designs in a single platform.
Design and Documentation
  • Develop and design buildings of any size and complexity using comprehensive architectural tools.
  • Create coordinated architectural documentation from the model.
  • Create floor plans, elevations and schedules for any architectural component.
  • Design buildings of any material or any component of a building.
  • Design complex MEP systems.
  • Create high-quality, current and reliable documentation from your building model.
  • Create link specifications, engineering calculations, equipment documentation and more.
  • Iterate designs and create endless possibilities of any size or complexity of a model.
  • Produce high-end visuals of your building model.
  • Refine potential designs.
  • Generate images and animations to create life-like and realistic environment.
Bentley AECOSim Energy Simulator Analysis
  • Design, simulate and analyse energy performances.
  • Create 2D or 3D energy models and generate reports indicating peak loads, energy consumptions, carbon emissions and fuel costs.
ASHRAE Compliance
  • Compare your design with the industry standard.
  • Generate ASHRAE 90.1 compliant reports.
  • Incorporate EnergyPlus simulation engine in your design.
  • Determine building energy loads and consumption.
Efficient Data Utilizations
  • Eliminate redefining data across multiple platforms.
  • CAD, BIM, AEC work seamlessly with this software.
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