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Deliver projects smarter with proven MicroStation technology on time.

View, model, document and visualise project of any size or complexity


With this product, you can delivery projects smarter. Rely on MicroStation’s flexibility and competence to complete your project with time and cost effectiveness in place.

MicroStation’s following products provide CAD functions along with the flexibility to view, model, document and visualise 2D/3D designs irrespective of size and complexity:

  • MicroStation
  • MicroStation Powerdraft

How To Buy?

MicroStation Software - Technical Efficiency:

The below table summarizes the technical efficiency of MicroStation and MicroStation Powerdraft, to help you make a better choice!

Products Capabilities Features
MicroStation Design and Documentation
  • Create high-quality and consistent deliverables like paper plots, 2D/3D PDFs, 3D physical models and more.
  • Add real-time imagery, geographical information, point clouds, and 3D meshes into your design.
  • Design complex models using a wide range of modeling tools like surface, mesh, feature, and solid modeling.
  • Using drawing extraction tools, implant drawings within models for streamlined documentation workflows.
  • Create precise drawings using comprehensive drafting tools.
  • Produce realistic movies and simulations from design, construction and operational models.
  • Create life-size visualizations by accessing online and libraries of materials and content.
  • Perform analysis of real-world solar exposure and shading.
  • Visualise reality meshes based on spatial data.
  • Create and exchange digital markups of designs.
  • Track and understand changes made to design files throughout the project life-cycle.
Enforce standards
  • Apply organizational and project specific standards.
  • Apply templates to control geometry and data standards.
  • Use automated tools to check drawings for compliance.
Personalised Environment
  • For each project, work with the required standards and settings automatically applied.
  • Get access to comprehensive library of learning content.
  • Personalise and bunch tools and tasks.
MicroStation PowerDraft Design and Documentation
  • Create high-definition deliverables such as paper plots, 2D/3D PDFs and more.
  • Create annotation, display styles and reports from embedded objects, so they remain constant throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Understand the existing conditions and accelerate modeling workflows with integration of imagery, point clouds, 3D meshes and more.
  • Create polished drawings, schedules and reports from 2D or 3D models.
  • Collaborate with teams and project information by exchanging and incorporating designs and models in point clouds, DWG, DGN, DXF, SHP, 3DM, and more.
Enforce standards Personalisation
  • Apply organizational and project specific standards.
  • Apply templates to control geometry and data standards.
  • Use automated tools to check drawings for compliance.
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