Road and Highway

A complete comprehensive modelling environment to design and build the modern roads.

Design and Analyse road network, from concept to completion, using comprehensive modeling environment.


An exhaustive and detailed application, it is aimed at surveying, designing drainage, check subsurface utilities, and create complete roadway project from concept to delivery.

Achieve design, construction deliverables and exchange of data through project delivery and asset life cycle using OpenRoads Designer.

How To Buy?

OpenRoads Designer Software - Technical Efficiency:
Products Capabilities Features
OpenRoads Designer Access to Component Centre
  • Access manufactured components and project specific content and standards.
Automation using Documentation Centre
  • Get automated production of high-quality and multidiscipline documentation, which are consistent across entire project.
  • Get live and editable view of project in sheet orientation.
Design and Documentation
  • Create precision horizontal and vertical alignments.
  • Create profiles and cross sections from any point within the design and view the design edits.
  • Use immersive corridor modeling capabilities.
  • Integrate geospatial information into your designs using data from OGC Web Mar Servers and real-time GPS data.
  • Integrate wide range of point-cloud data into the design.
  • Incorporate 3D reality meshes using ContextCapture software.
  • Create models containing terrain and site features.
  • Reuse common design layouts using civil cells.
  • Create and analyze stormwater and sewer networks integrated with your designs.
  • Ensure complete visibility of overall project performance using analytics to achieve optimized design outcomes
  • Get personalized recommendations with required settings and standards.
  • Experience your design in real-time with templates, a context intuitive interface and 3D modeling.
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