3D Structural Analysis

Increase productivity, streamline workflows through the integrated structural design software.

Fulfill all your Structural Designing needs with 3D Structural Analysis and Design Software STAAD


STAAD helps you design any type of structure and share synchronized model data with the design team through its integrated set of applications.

The software suite streamlines workflow and increase your design productivity through these Products:

  • STAAD.Pro
  • STAAD.Pro Advanced
  • Structural Enterprise
  • RCDC
  • STAAD Foundation Advanced
  • STAAD Tower

How To Buy?

STAAD’s Technical Capabilities

The table below lists the capabilities of the STAAD products: STAAD.Pro, STAAD.Pro Advanced, Structural Enterprise, RCDC, STAAD Foundation Advanced, and STAAD Tower. Read the table and know how these capabilities bring efficiency in structural designing and analysis domain.

Products Capabilities Features
STAAD.Pro Advanced,
Structural Enterprise
Design and Analysis
  • Analyze gravity and lateral load
  • Analyze machine vibration and settlement
  • Analyze steady state dynamic performance
  • Calculate punching shear
  • Comply with Seismic requirements
  • Structural Modelling
  • Design beams, columns, and walls
  • Design cold-formed steel members
  • Design lateral resisting frames
  • Design loads and loads combination
  • Section property reports
  • Design documentation
  • Import section shapes created in DXF
  • Integrate slab and foundation designs
  • Integrate steel connection designs
  • Integrate share structural models
  • Integrate utilize international section profiles
RCDC (Advanced
Concrete Design Software)
Design and Analysis
  • Comply with Seismic requirements
  • Design beams, columns, and walls
  • Design non-traditional and custom shapes
  • Model concrete floor based structures
  • Produce comprehensive quantity takeoffs
  • Produce concrete drawings and schedules
STAAD Foundation
Design and Analysis
  • Analyse machine vibration and settlement
  • Analyse steady state dynamic performance
  • Calculate punching shear
  • Comply with Seismic requirements
  • Detail and schedule concrete reinforcing
  • Generate design loads and loads combination
  • Structural design documentation
  • Produce Structural details
STAAD Tower Design and Analysis
  • Perform Advanced Analysis
  • Design Tower foundations
  • Create realistic graphics and precise models
  • Configure bracing libraries
  • Define external loading
  • Use built-up section catalog for telecom towers
  • Customize equipment libraries
  • Configure bracing libraries
  • Map tower dashboards and equipment
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