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Design, plan and operate water distribution and sewer systems


Bentley’s Hydraulics and Hydrology Software ensures you are equipped with advanced engineering tools to plan, design, maintain, operate and update water distribution networks and sanitary and sewer systems.

You can generate master plans, support land development projects, and optimize the operations of water distribution and wastewater management using the following Bentley products:

  • WaterGEMS
  • SewerGEMS

How To Buy?

Bentley’s Hydraulics and Hydrology Software - Technical Efficiency:

The below table summarizes the technical efficiency of Bentley’s Hydraulics and Hydrology Software products: WaterGEMS and SewerGEMS

Products Capabilities Features
WaterGEMS Analysis
  • Detect weak links in water distribution networks and analyse necessity of adequate isolation valves.
  • Analyse the ability to isolate portions of system and serve customers with different valve locations.
  • Use water distribution hydraulic model and assess fire protection measures and design improvements.
  • Analyze flow and pressure data to locate leaks. Conserve water and increase revenues by reducing water loss.
  • Optimize operations for efficient working of system by modeling pump accurately, strategize pumping and plan shutdowns and repair activities routinely with minimal disruptions in service.
  • Focus on the best engineering decisions. Import external data formats and maximise RIO on geospatial and engineering data and automates input data generation.
  • Optimize design of complex water distribution systems and use built in scenario management features.
  • Optimize flushing programs with multiple conventional and unidirectional flushing events in a single run.
Decisions and renewals
  • Plan Asset Renewal for efficient working of system by using WaterGEMS tools like Pipe Renewal Planner which analyses and compares wide range of variables to prioritise renewal decisions.
  • Connect your model to SCADA system to stay updated with latest real-time data.
  • Use the real-time data to ensure the system’s efficiency.
SewerGEMS Allocation
  • Use customizable engineering library to apply hydrographs, patterned loads and more.
  • Use the LoadBuilder module to leverage consumption, flow monitoring, land use, or census data in your GIS.
  • Use the built-in rainfall distributions and events to load models with wet weather run-offs.
  • Easily switch among multiple solvers according to the type of sewer system you are analyzing.
  • Identify problem areas which risk H2S formation, that can lead to potential collapses if not addressed.
  • Generate reports of average concentration runs and compare H2S formation according to conditions like temperature.
  • Analyze the spread of water flow in gutter so that it doesn’t exceed requirements.
  • Focus on the best engineering decisions. Import external data formats and maximise RIO on geospatial and engineering data and automates input data generation.
  • Utilize an extensive library of standard culvert shapes, materials, and entrance conditions.
  • Design and analyze the effect of low impact development controls have in retaining runoff before it enters the stormwater system.
  • Design and analyze pond and outlets using PondMaker.
  • Design cost-effective pipe-sizes and invert elevations, avoiding unnecessary trench excavation.
  • Simulate the generation, inflow, and transportation and treatment of any number of user-defined pollutants.
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