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Integrate model risks and analyze the cost impacts.

Begin Analyzing, Mitigating, and Managing Risks with Oracle’s Primavera Risk Analysis


Oracle’s Primavera Risk Analysis is a Full Lifecycle Risk Analytics Solution that helps anticipate, mitigate, and provide response and contingency plans for organizational risks.

The tool assists you in modeling risks, analyzing cost and schedule impacts of mitigating them.

The software simplifies organizational risk assessment by eliminating uncertainty from project and portfolio management.

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Primavera Risk Analysis Technical Capabilities

The table below lists the capabilities of the Primavera Risk Analysis Software tool. Read the table and know how these capabilities assess risks and provide quick responses for the same.

Products Capabilities Features
Oracle’s Primavera Risk Analysis Risk Analysis Guide
  • Basics of preparing, modeling, and running a risk analysis.
  • Overview of: schedule validation, development of the risk model, risk analysis, and results review
Schedule Check
  • Schedule maturity and risk readiness
  • Schedule Check reports
Templated Quick Risks
  • Templates for assigning uncertainty risk distributions.
Risk Register Wizard
  • Create new risk registers
Risk Register
  • Integrate pre-developed risk registers as well as create new ones
  • Produce qualitative and quantitative models of risk eventss
  • Prepare response planss
Risk Analysis
  • Monte Carlo-based cost and schedule analytics
Flexible Reporting
  • Distribution Graph
  • Tornado Graph
  • Scatter Plot
  • Distribution Analyzer
  • Probabilistic Cash Flow
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