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OneChannel is a one-stop solution to get all your CAD, BIM, and PPM needs channeled. It provides consultancy, implementation, support and training for Oracle Primavera Gateway for SAP/ERP-P6 Integration, Bentley STAAD, Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM, Primavera Analytics, Primavera Risk Analysis, Open Roads, AECOsim

OneChannel offers its services in industries like Architecture Engineering Construction, Power, Steel, Oil and Gas, Cement and EPC.

Software Consultancy

Software Consultancy is not only essential but an integral part of any organizational strategy. OneChannel provides software consultancy that builds right tactics and accelerates business growth. It offers innovative business solutions which you require to fulfill your day to day functional activities.

Software Implementation

The software implementation is of utmost importance, and it is tricky as well. Many Organizations fail to implement new software solutions which results in massive wastage of resources like time and efforts. OneChannel undertakes software execution using time-tested methodologies and assures that projects are performed under the given budgets and schedules.

Software Training

The inadequacy of knowledge regarding new software proves a hindrance for effective workings of any Organization. Proper software training not only promotes considerable utilization of resources, but also increases the productivity. OneChannel provides training and authorizes organizations to undertake the most common concerns that generally occurs while implementing a software.

Choose the Right Product for Your Enterprise

Vendors approach OneChannel to resell their products, whilewe help them find the right customers. We are a reseller that understands how to connect companies with the right-fit software for their business needs.

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20 Janurary 2019
Choosing the Right Software

With a growing number of software products on the market, it has become increasingly difficult to select the appropriate software for a particular task.

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